I can’t believe how quick time flies… It feels like just yesterday I photographed my friend’s twin boys when they were born and now they are 18 months old. Christina and Vi are such amazing and loving Mom’s to their beautiful, rambunctious and curious boys. They have been wanting a proper family portrait since the boys have been walking but finding the time has been impossible with their busy lives. I decided to surprise them with a photo shoot on Mother’s Day and give them something to remember this precious time in their lives. During our shoot the little munchkins wouldn’t sit or stand still and kept running away, and boy are they quick! My Mom even came along for fun and within a few minutes got put to work wrangling the boys back in the photo when they took off running. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Christina and Vi, you two are truly super heroes!

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

  1. Leanne Brischetto says:

    What beautiful photos of this family – I can just imagine they will love these. Just ♥ seeing your work 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    What cuties those boys are!!! Rough and rugged, and all boy!!!


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